Tuesday, April 29, 2008

You did what?

Andrew was home from school today due to cough/runny nose. And I am trying to clean my office - wow - major disaster - major....so I let Andrew play in the sandbox and Court cleaned her room so she could watch a veggie tales movie.

About lunch time Courtney came upstairs - not crying or whining (unusal) - but with her tongue bleeding. In my hurry to finish my office before lunch I told her to get a washcloth and put it on her tongue to stop the bleeding. She obediently complied and later came back down for lunch.

During lunch I asked her "Courtney, how did you get your tongue bleeding?" "The refridgerator" she replied. Now my mind was wondering into all the strange things that had to have happend for her to have a bleeding tongue from the refridgerator. "I stuck it on the freezy thing and I couldn't get it off and then when it came off I found out it was bleeding." she said. Ahhhhhhhh, the little hotel fridge in the guestroom - and she managed to stick her tongue on the freezer section.

What exactly would possess a child to stick her tongue on something like that to begin with. I'm pretty sure she learned her lesson anyway.....


Susu said...
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Susu said...

hauhauhaua, I'm laughing till now! oh, come on, are u gonna tell me u never did that? however I hope her tongue is okay, not funny, it hurts like crazy..hehehe
Check out my friend Rosie's blog, she is the one who took Kade's pics, I know u have flash pics for free but maybe you could refer her to friends, she is a christian and she is super nice too.
Want to see u, maybe tomorrow we'll have to swing by.

Susu said...

forgot to leave her blog name
there are some cute pics of Kaden there too.

Amanda said...

OUCH!!!!! Yes, let's hope she learned her lesson. ;)