Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Weekend that Was

Well this was an interesting weekend. I spent Friday and Saturday in Mankato at the "Southern Minnesota Home Builders Show". Aside from having our booth located in front of the concessions stand and being on a juice fast - it went just fine. Slow but sure, hopefully we can get at least one lot sold out of the weekend. Then this morning our dear little daughter was to sing at the church where she attends preschool in their morning worship service. It was so much fun to see her - I"ll try and post some video. The service itself - very lutheran - left me appreciating the "alive" aspect of our church but greatful she is able to attend a preschool that is centered around Jesus.

Then this afternoon we had an episode with Andrew - those who are reading this can add Andrew to your prayer list this week. It appeared he was having some type of hallucination which freaked me out. He was in his room for some diciplinary action and he was screaming and crying and sobbing about the ceiling falling on him and that he wasn't going to be here anymore. The implication was he felt like he was going to die. I climbed into bed with him and pulled him in my arms and started praying. After a few minutes of praying with/for him he calmed down completely and was fine. I am greatful that God released him from his issue, but at the same time am afraid that it will become something that happens again. Most things come in stages with him. Pray that I am not afraid and that whatever it was will not come back.

We ended our day with a dinner out together and a fun night of chatting at the Selness house. All has ended on a good note and I look forward to another week of suprises.

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