Saturday, April 19, 2008

Family Photo

This evening we embarked on something that has not been done in the Skillestad family for five years - it was probably almost five years to the month actually. It was the dreaded "Family Photo". Now - for those of you who know me....I prefer to take our photos myself. I think I do a fairly good job and sure is cheaper. But, we had a Gift Certificate to use for Flash Digital Pictures in the mall so I decided they would be the lucky ones to put the Skillestad's on film this time around.

We all looked cute and matching and though it seemed like it was moving a little too quickly for the quality factor - we had previously bribbed the children to listen to the photo lady and to smile. And they did. We were told to come back in 45 min and then we would be able to order.

Off to the dollar store for our bribary payments to the kids and to pick up a few unnecessary items and then back to Flash. Non my in-laws were with so they could pick what photos they wanted but I pretty sure I spent four times as long trying to pick out and decide on what to purchase as it took for them to actually take them all.

Finally, Eric left with the kids to go get them dinner and we decided I would ride with his parents and we'd meet up at Famous Daves for dinner......30 min......45 min.....1 hour.....who knows how long I was sitting there with that lady. First you can't use this coupon with that...and then if you spend this much you get this....then when I finally had my purchases decided and ready to go I hear this....."Oh, your gift certificate is'll have to use the entire thing now or lose it" Are you crazy....I just spent almost an hour picking out stuff so that I could have half of my GC left for next time. Well that guarantee'd in more than one way that I won't be back. I spent another 20 min arranging and figuring and deciding......meanwhile, father-in-law heads out to car and Eric sits at Famous Dave's parking lot with our two monkeys.

We got one great shot of us all together which was the main purpose I guess....and technically I didn't spent any money on them....but I was disapointed that they weren't better and that I had to use the whole amount tonight. Oh well, off to research craigslist for some backdrops so I can take them myself next time.....oh how much cheaper it shall be.....and how much less time we will waste! You can browse our experience at - put in our last name and the password november. Enjoy.


susu said...

Wow, these pics turned out great! what a beautiful family you have, it was hard to pick my favorite but I really loved the one of the kids on top of you guys...can't wait to see
one of these up on your wall.
oh and thanks for coming by yesterday.
love u =0

Angela said...

Beautiful pictures!! It was so fun scrolling through them. Thanks so much for sharing them!

And- yes- we should get together! That would be fun! I have to plan something with Amanda, too- I haven't seen her forever!!

Where do the days (and weeks) go- seriously!??!?!