Wednesday, March 24, 2010

6am Wake Up Call

So - I've been asking the Lord lately to draw me closer to Him. Intimacy on any level is very difficult for me and my relationship with God is no exception. I find it so difficult to sit still and have a quiet brain just never settles into a quiet state. Anyway, I am a night owl - I could stay up until 2am every night if I thought I wouldn't pay for it the next day. I hate mornings.....really I do. Yet I've found myself for at least the last week waking at 6am every morning. It kills me, I roll and toss and say to myself "Why am I up, I want to be sleeping until the very last moment I need to get the kids up." Yet it continues.

This morning was no exception. I opened my eyes and read 6:00 on my ceiling in bright red. (I have one of those cool LED alarm clocks that shows you the time and temp on your ceiling) Ugggg I thought. Why 6:00am. Then it occured to me. Because God wants some time with me. He's the one who is waking me at 6am every morning, just waiting for me to hang out. Though I'd like to say that I immediatly got up and started reading my Bible, I did not. I did, however, spend the next hour in prayer. Praying for whatever seemed to enter my mind at the time. My brain does seem much more settled in the morning. If God wants my 6am's, who am I to say "no". So, here's to 6am quiet times and hopefully a more intimate relationship with my Savior.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Sorry I have been gone so long from this little blog. I find I don't have much interesting things to write these days. Life has been so busy - and seems like the same things that were plaguing us last winter were here just the same. We are actually doing well, with the exception of Courtney's stomach issues - several hundred dollars in tests and an endoscopy (which I haven't gotten the bill for yet :) later we have still no answers as to her stomach pain. So we press on....

I'm getting ready to go be with Conni Nevills for the birth of their little boy in Baltimore - only God will be able to get me there in time I'm sure - and taking some therapy classes. I'm sure I will come up with something deep and inspiration to tell you in the coming days.....until then this shall have to do.

God Bless, Am