Sunday, August 31, 2008

Embarassing Situations 2

Well - for most of you readers it will be no suprise that I am small chested. In order for me to create a little cleavage - and not be too uncomfortable while wearing a bra - I purchased something really cool. It is a bra that is actually made of silicon or something and the inside is sticky - like the lint rollers that you wash off and get sticky again. stick them on and off you go. Well, Courtney, God Bless her - brought me my new favorite bra this weekend at the cabin. I had it sittin in the bedroom on a dresser. As she hands it to me she asks "What is this mommy". I say a bra and then look closer at my new-found over-the-shoulder-pebble-holder. To my amazment I see "TEETH MARKS". Courtney, did you bite this. "Yes" "Why would you do that" I respond. "I don't know, I didn't know what it was." she said. Uggg.....well I set it aside hoping it would go away. But to my dismay, it seems it is only more aparent that someone tried to eat my bra. So....the next time you see me....there may be teeth marks showing through my shirt. Guess that should get some good laughs :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008


I'm so frustrated with my daughter but I thought I better write this one down quick.

Me - "Courtney, be quiet and get that shirt on or you are going to bed right now." Courtney - whining and sprawls herself out on the bedroom floor. Me - "Courtney, stop pitching a fit." Courtney - "I'm not pitching a fit....I'm protesting."

That is the honest truth....I don't even want to know where she came up with that one. So hard to remain mad when they are so clever :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Not Playing Games....

Well I am in Portland this week visiting with a girlfriend and helping out with her kids while our husbands catch "The Big One" in Canada. So far it has been fairly uneventful....only minor fist fights and a few 'you stinky girl' comments from Andrew.

Tonight we've had a bit of a battle between the kids and I and what "go to bed" means. I keep explaining that it means close your eyes and be quiet or lose another fun thing to do tomorrow....and they keep wondering "hmmm, I wonder what she means by lose another fun thing." So they have found out on now three occasions what they have lost for their inability to simply be quiet. Swimming, Cinderella and treats have gone out the window so far. Then Courtney proceeded to start crying and whining about the fact she had lost Cinderella for tomorrow. "I'm not playing games with you anymore Courtney," I said as I grabbed a wooden spoon. She got her spank'n, we had our talk about why it hurts Jesus when she disobeys mommy and then she asked me this deep question....

"Why won't you play games with me anymore mommy?" I had to hold myself together until I could answer her without hurting her feelings. I'm not playing the "I have to go potty, I'm thirsty, I want you to pray with me, I need a hug, I'm hot or the what are we going to do tomorrow thing anymore. That is a game you play at bedtime." I think she got it, but I will have to play Memory or Candyland with her tomorrow just to be sure.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Fresh Air

Today was our last day of family camp. We spent time again at the Mini Farm - the kids favorite hang out - the handcraft shop - and the beach.

Running out of money resulted in a few very simple crafts today. The kids chose to decorate paper chinese fans. They colored and created and were very proud of them. That brings me to this evening....

I let them stay up real late tonight. We had our evening session (like Sunday School), then we played at the park, came back to the camper and the kids helped me build a campfire and sat around there for awhile. Then I remembered that I promised to take them somewhere dark to look at all the stars. We had recently read a children's science book that talked about stars and constallations and they have been asking to look for them. So off we trotted to find a dark place around here to lay on the picnic blanket and look at the stars. Grandpa Warren joined us and we talked about stars and how God made them and how he knows how many there are even though we can't even begin to count them.

Then we headed back to the camper.....this brings me back to the fans. The kids put on their PJ's and were told to climb into their beds. Courtney said "First I need some fresh air." She flicked out her fan like a genuine chinese person and started fanning first her right armpit and then her left. I busted out laughing. What is that - and how does that equate to fresh air. Turns out Susu told her that is what they were for.....