Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Big Purchase

Well, what started as my comment about saving some money - turned into Eric purchasing a motorcycle this weekend. Though in theory it will save some money - I'm most certain this endevor will never actually pay for itself with those savings. I am fighting my humanity to not feel left out of spending such a significant amount of money.......and not because eric didn't involve me in it, he did, but because it is not a purchase that I truly wanted to make. I can think of a half dozen other projects I would love to do around the house that that money could have accomplished. Maybe it is my fear of motorcycles...maybe it is my stingyness hating to spend money...but I'm fairly certain it is just mostly my selifish feeling of inequality. I kinda feel like I'm 5 years old and wondering "Where's my present?" Oh, now this is a comment I am very familiar with and have experienced on numerous occasions in the last several weeks and my reply is always "Courtney, you need to ask Jesus to change your heart. We need to have a heart that would choose rather to give than to get something. We need to be unselfish and be thankful for what we have." Soooooooo, I'm daily asking the Lord to change my heart, to become overjoyed for Eric's "present", and to be able to share in the joy that he shares in his new purchase. I'm not there yet, but I know that this is the attitude the Lord desires for me to have towards my husband, so if I ask for it, he will give it to me.

In the meantime, Eric thank you for your patience in my inability to "get excited" about it or all its upcoming accessories. You deserve something fun that will help you escape your crazy WIFE! I love you.


Thursday, May 22, 2008


"Andrew get on your clothes, we have to leave soon to go to school registration." I said. "Invisible clothes......I have invisible clothes mom." he said.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"The Heavenly Man"

Though many of you may be thinking - "She is especially fond of Eric today." That is not the inspiration of my you hun, but you will always be "The Skills Man" to me. My title is the title of the book that I am just finishing. It is a biography of a Chineese man who was tortured and imprisioned often for his faith and his amazing passion for spreading it through China.

As I read his story, the Holy Spirit prompted me to see something that I haven't really thought much of before. Throughout the whole book, Brother Yun (the chinese man) was constantly telling us what the Lord was saying to him and it was almost always Scripture - there was an occasional vision or dream - but for the most part it was just Scripture. He had memorized so much of the Bible that he was able to recall and recite it during his most horrible moments. And I must say this man will need about 50 U-Hauls to carry all the crowns that he must have earned in Heaven for his sufferings. I think us Americans who suffer little for the sake of Christ think if we pray that God should somehow tell us directly something or have someone else tell us what he's thinking. I guess I knew I should be reading my Bible more, but this book gave me a real revolation. That the Bible IS GOD's WORD. Yesterday, today and tomorrow this will stay the same and if I am reading and memorizing and meditation on his Word I will hear from him. Personally I have a very weak personal relationship with Christ. I have much head knowledge, live to the best of my ability as a follower of Christ should, and desire to serve him wherever he wants me.....but I don't spend much time with him. I don't fellowship with him daily and read his Word to hear his voice - I just ask him to tell me so I can skip that task.

This book touched my spirit and reminded me to get in the Word, to work on memorizing Scripture so I will not lean on my own understanding, so I will not depend on my own strength, so I will be in union with Christ and may know that I am on the right path because I am on the path with HIM.

Thank you Lord for real stories of others who have lived a life so amazingly connected to you that their expression of faith and servanthood draws others closer to you. If you need or desire a stirring from the Holy Spirit - "The Heavenly Man" by Brother Yun and Paul Hattaway will do just that.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Well - last week I wrote out a check for $300 big ones to send in to a "special needs" bike camp for Andrew. I didn't send it out yet figuring I should try again this year to see if I could get him to cooperate with me. Well we went to Kansas City this week and his little buddy Juliane had learned to ride a bike so we thought we give it a shot with Andrew as well.

Took him about 30 seconds before he was off and running. We had one pretty good spill, but otherwise he picked it up like a pro. Today, now home, we decided to ride to the park - this was a different bike and we were home with no one to cheer him on.....and he exceded my expectations. Even freeked me out in his gutsy riding. Up and down curbs and driveways - guess that's $300 I get to spend on babysitting for date nights :) Any takers.....

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Words of Wisdom by Courtney Mae

We are in KC with friends - twins Courtney's age a matter of fact and here is what Courtney asks during their afternoon playtime.

"Do you want to go destroy the world Juliane?"

What 5 year old girl asks a question like that - guess she is more like her mommy than I'd like to admit.

Road Trip

Well Eric is out of town on business this week so I decided to go with my dad down to Kansas City to check out the projects. Now the kids have never taken a long car ride - long RV ride yes - but not long car ride. So....I always assumed that the "Are we there yet's" that they show kids doing on tv were a bit exaggerated - NOPE. We hadn't even been gone 20 min and Courtney asked how much longer. I bet they asked 100 times over the 6+ hours. If you ever need to work on patience I guess a road trip would be the perfect time to practice :)

Ready for round 2 on Wednesday - I guess at least they know what to expect this time - not sure if that's going to work to my benefit or not :)

Monday, May 12, 2008


As I watch the news of all the major disasters happening around the world - I am able to somewhat distance myself from the reality of the total devistation that has occured. I might stop and say a little prayer for them, but I've not spent much time on my knees asking God to bring healing, safety, supplies or to sweep their land with revival. But this morning I woke up to news that China has had a MAJOR earthquake....and my sister and her family are there. They are doing missions work with YWAM and have been working in some orphanages and doing street ministry. I don't know where they are and haven't heard from them, thus I don't know if they are OK. It is amazing the difference of your prayer life for a certain occurance when you are directly involved. I was convicted to try and pray the same next time something else happens to people I do now know - natural disasters - car accidents - etc.....

I challenge you to do the same. We know from 9/11 that when bad things happen, many people turn to God - though I am afraid since I don't know where Joy/Kory/Jada are - I will be praying for God to sweep through China and to change that nation just as fervently as I will ask for his protection over my family and that they are safe. Please join me.

**Update - heard from Kory at 8:35 - there are 2000 miles from the county where most where killed. A praise for certain - but continue to pray for the chinease who were affected.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I've been wordless this week - aside from Andrew's quote this afternoon....

Andrew if you want something to drink get some water. "Mommy, I don't want it, waters not a very good drink."

So until life gets interesting again. Have a wonderful week.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Home at Last!

Well at 11:10pm last night I picked up my long-lost parents from the airport. After an almost 24 hour trip home from Greece - completeing a 28 day cruise - they were real tired - but it was sooooo nice to see them.

They have been gone for two months and it seems like forever ago we were together. Today Dad took all the boys golfing for the day and us girls hung out at their house with the kids and mom. Then we had a BBQ and enjoyed some quality family time before Mom and Susu/Kaden leave for Brazil on Monday.

Anyway - has been a good reminder to appreicate your family when you are with them - cause you just never know how long it will be until you see them again.