Monday, December 28, 2009

Amtrak Superliner

So....Christmas Day Grandpa Bryan and Andrew and his cousin Brandon headed to the basement of my in-laws to create a train made out of wood for Andrew. They created a 12 car length of train and I made the mistake of telling Andrew we could paint them and make them look like real Amtrak cars......

So, today we embarked on that endevour - my goodness - 3 hours alot of spray paint, 4 rolls of colored electrical tape and a sharpie later I had accomplished 2 cars.....this is going to be a long long project.

Here is a before and after of the boxcar.

and the sleeping car...

Conni's Baby Shower

So Sunday we had a baby shower for Conni -we had fun celebrating baby Boy Nevills and I am so excited to meet him! Here's a couple pics,

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Awww Christmas

So we returned home Christmas night from Eric's parents. I walked into my bathroom and looked fondly towards the big was calling my name. And then my eyes were drawn to the purple and white bucket now sitting in the bottom of the tub full of toys. That's right - Court took a bath on Wed night and look - though I told her that bucket was not to be touched - she used it to transport all her toys into her bath and then proceded to play with it. "Whats the big deal?" you ask? Andrew used that bucket to vomit in all day Tuesday. the bathtub is contaminated for another 24 tonight I longingly climbed into the scalding hot water to warm my poor little feet and enjoyed a nice relaxing bath and am so very grateful that Court didn't inherit any bugs from that lovely bucket.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Birthday Invite

So I worked all evening - and then decided I had better start thinking about Andrew's 9th Birthday Party. Though I have nothing yet planned aside from a date and a theme (Amtrak, his new favorite thing). I did put together the invitation and I think its one of my favoite things I've created. Nothing like wasting 1 1/2 hours creating an Amtrak train jpg...he..he...

Just thought I'd share my creative juices!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Well the first snowfall in a while hit this morning and thus the accidents have begun. I recieved a a text while I was assembling the children's lunch this morning - and like I usually do during that most crazy 30 minutes of my day - I ignored it. Well I grabbed my phone on the way out the door to do my carpool duty and saw it was from Skills.

It read - "i was just rear-ended. im ok, cops are on their way." YIKES - I wasn't expecting that one. I prefer the usual.... "i lov you..." or "...hope you have a nice day." texts myself.

I proceded to throw Andrew out the door to his bus and push Courtney toward the cold, awaiting van, while sending away for more info. I told Courtney that daddy had been in a car accident and she looked at me and said "Is he dead?" OK, so not the words I thought she would have to say for that particular situation. "No, he's OK." I said. "That's good." was her response and the end of our conversation.

FYI....Eric is fine - the Teknoforce car is driveable - but he does have some lower back issues so prayer for that would be helpful. We are supposed to help Luke/Susu move on Saturday and he won't be much help if he's injured anyone else want to join us :)