Thursday, February 25, 2010


Well tonight we decided to take the kids bowling. When we took our trip to FL the kids played alot of Wii and Andrew's favorite game was bowling. Well as he quickly discovered - real bowling not so easy.....Wii easy.

So as you can imagine - he spent alot of his time crying and extremely uspset about his inability to get a strike or spare - or really hardly get it down the lane even with bumpers...he...he...

The only real disappointment in our fun family evening was the family of 6 across from us. Though I only saw it once - one of Andrew's crying moments left her rolling her eyes at us. I try not to take it personally, to not feel a little shame in his behavior, to know she is thinking something bad about us as parents. I however, have the knowledge of what an amazing kid he is and what a terrible bowler he is and how that makes him feel. We salvaged the end of the night with a special bowling tool for him to roll it down a hill and down the lane. Will we go again - not in the very near future - but yes we will. I won't let his frustraition keep him from doing something I know he will enjoy once he figures it out.