Monday, December 22, 2008

Florida's Adventures

We have very much enjoyed a week of warm weather and relaxation...while kinda relaxation. But I won't complain - I'm sucking up all the vitamin D I can get before I return to antarctic temperatures of Minnesota.

Our journey started with a flight to Ft Myers and a few hours later piled in the van and headed to towards Orlando. Here are a few comments from that trip....

Courtney says, "Mom, is that Disney World?" as we pass a juvinile detention center.

Ten minutes later...."Mom, why are we driving to the middle of nowhere?"

There were more most hilarous comments I just didn't write them down. We had a really great day the next day at the Magic Kingdom and I'm sure it will be a memory the kids will cherish for many years to come. I was actually so impressed by Disney - we were able to get a special needs pass which allowed us access to the rides through the handicap lines and even had a restarant that served GFCF food making feeding Andrew so easy. We felt very blessed to have our trip there go so smoothly.

We returned back to Ft Myers that night and have spent the last several days with friends - at the beach - orange picking - and tons of swimming. Courtney has finally learned to swim without assistance and we are so excited to see them growing and maturing.

Though we look forward to celebrating Christmas with our families - I am trying to prepare myself for the arctic temps that we shall be re-entering in a couple days. We'll try and bring back some warmer weather....and thank you to those of you who lifted up our vacation in your prayers. Andrew has truly done well despite all the things that could have created some bad situations. May you all have a great Christmas and may you be drawn closer to your Saviour this season.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

What is this?

So we had an interesting end to a very wonderful evening this fine Sunday. We were blessed with some great tickets to the Go Fish concert this evening and had a wonderful time seeing friends and listening to a really great concert.

Andy and Jason....what can I guys truly have a gift and I am so proud of you for giving up all the things "you could have" for all the little lives and families that you are sharing Christ and his message with.

Anyway, back to the story. After the concert we packed up the van and headed thru the parking ramp - eric decided instead of waiting in line to leave on 9th St, he would circle back around and hit the down ramp to 394. When we got to it, it was closed so back in line we went....the end of the line. We got off 35W in Burnsville and headed down CR13. We were stopped at a stoplight waiting to turn left to take home my sis Katy and when the light turned green we started moving. This particular stoplight has two lanes and a large black SUV flew by in the left lane and headed around the corner right next to a white car in our lane. Both Eric and I cringed as we thought the SUV may lose it and smack the white car. No such luck - all was well - so we thought. It is only one block to the next light where we - and most the other cars - were turning right. The large SUV decided at the last minute that it too wanted to join the line for the right turn and Eric graciously obliged. We made our turn and within one block - the SUV had stopped in the right lane - completley stopped and the white car was half in both lanes stopped slighly behind the SUV. A rather large African American man stepped out of the SUV and approached the white car which we had suddenly decided we did not want to be next to during this particular event. We never did figure out what exactly happened - or why the large man in the SUV decided to stop his car in the middle of the street, needed to get out in the chilling stout wind and snow to approach mister white car driver. But it did create a bit more drama to our fun filled evening.

Again thank you to the Selness family and we enjoyed the concert immensly.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

God's Provision

I am feeling blessed this week, I am seeing God provide for Progress Land, and I am looking forward to seeing how the bad things that are going on will someday glorify our Lord.

We had three lots sales this week and large sum of money hanging out at the City of Lakeville as a trunk sewer credit that was missed from 05. All in time to get caught up on bills and relieve some pressure.

I am caught up at work - Eric helped clean the house today - and the Christmas shopping all complete. Now I can take a little breather, get packed for our trip, and ask for continued prayers that God will return Andrew to the little boy we had in August.

This is either going to be a great vacation or torture....I'll keep ya posted.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Three Year Project

As many of you have heard me complaining lately......I cannot seem to rid myself of this ever-loving dollhouse project. I'm pretty sure I started it when Courtney was two and she is now five sooooo that leaves me with the longest running project ever the history of my existance. I hate not seeing an end result and this thing just wouldn't stop producing pieces and new things to be painted....ahhhhhhhhh.

Well, today I finally finished. The exterior anyway. And Court shall be recieving it for Christmas. For anyone who loves tedius, painfully long projects - I highly recommend you build a dollhouse :)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Awaiting my knight in shining armour!

Well tonight my hubby returns from his week long business trip. I am very excited to see him and am in need of a big hug :) Andrew had another episode on Tuesday night and it made me so grateful that God gave me such a wonderful husband to help support me during our hard times with Andrew.

Other than working extremely hard to finish the rediculous dollhouse, which I'm hoping to finish tomorrow and post pictures of the only project that has taken me three years to complete.... and trying to referee the kids as patiently as possible - it has been an uneventful week.

I'm off to have coffee - well I techinically don't drink it but will have a hot cider or tea - with a old girlfriend and enjoy some ADULT TIME.

Hurry home love, hurry home!