Sunday, July 24, 2011


So there is one (aside from the actual child) good thing about pregnancy - the long stretch without my monthly friend.   Not that anyone wants to read  that I suppose, but goes towards the rest of this post.   Our family has recently be reintroduced to PMS.   Uggg....I am not usually such an emotional mess - but PMS usually includes at least one good night of crying myself to sleep.

This time around I am struggling with fear again.   Tanner hasn't been having much eye contact with me and it finally got to me last night.   However, our sermon this morning was quite pertinent to my current state of mind - so - wait on the Lord and spend more time in his Word is what I must do.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Life Changes

OK - so going 3 months without an entry is pretty pathetic.   Though I will put the blame entirly on Tanner - that kid just can't figure out how to sleep through the night more than once a week.  The brain fog just hasn't lifted yet.   Anyway, I have some news to share.


You heard right - it has been a long time coming but I just couldn't quite get myself to let go of the job I have been doing for almost 17 years no matter how much I disliked it.   That's almost half my life!   I am excited to not have to worry about work and to just spend quality time with the kids for awhile and who knows what God has in store for me in the future.

We have the freedom now to follow where God would have us go without me feeling I am leaving Dad in a bad position.   He has given this his blessing and too recognizes that God likely has new things for me to pursue.   It has been a truly great ride (minus paying bills for the last 5 years).   I have seen God do some amazing things - and seen the kind of faith in my father that I wish for myself.   I will miss some aspects of working with my family - but I know this is the right road for me and am excitedly skipping along it.