Tuesday, April 29, 2008

You did what?

Andrew was home from school today due to cough/runny nose. And I am trying to clean my office - wow - major disaster - major....so I let Andrew play in the sandbox and Court cleaned her room so she could watch a veggie tales movie.

About lunch time Courtney came upstairs - not crying or whining (unusal) - but with her tongue bleeding. In my hurry to finish my office before lunch I told her to get a washcloth and put it on her tongue to stop the bleeding. She obediently complied and later came back down for lunch.

During lunch I asked her "Courtney, how did you get your tongue bleeding?" "The refridgerator" she replied. Now my mind was wondering into all the strange things that had to have happend for her to have a bleeding tongue from the refridgerator. "I stuck it on the freezy thing and I couldn't get it off and then when it came off I found out it was bleeding." she said. Ahhhhhhhh, the little hotel fridge in the guestroom - and she managed to stick her tongue on the freezer section.

What exactly would possess a child to stick her tongue on something like that to begin with. I'm pretty sure she learned her lesson anyway.....

Saturday, April 26, 2008

It's Winter Mommy!

After my long, long, long day with the kids yesterday - I slept in this morning. That is until about 9:50 when Andrew came running into my room and yelled "It's winter mommy, not spring, it's winter." and went running back out of my room.

Uggg - who chooses to live in this state anyway.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Thank Goodness for 7:30

Ok - today was by far the worst day I have had in months....and if it is a precursor to my summer I'm doomed. I'm sure the first words Eric will here tomorrow will be Andrew's "Hi daddy, I'm sad you were gone last night. I said "I don't know" to mommy's story and she started crying. But she's feeling better now."

Yep - good thing it was a rainy day today or half the neighborhood would have heard me a yelling and crying - I"m not even PMSing! I just wanted to read them a story - but Andrew's been horrible for a few days and I should have known better. For therapy, I am supposed to stop and ask him questions frequently while reading so here was our conversation.....

"One, more thing Mini." said mommy. "Can you please feed Ruff and Tuff." I read. "Andrew, who asked Mini to feed Ruff and Tuff?" "I don't know." said Andrew. Not an exageration when I say that I read that line at least 25 more times and asked him the same question to get the same answer. "Just listen to me" I started yelling. "Stop playing with the blanket and messing around, just listen to my words and listen for the answer." Nope - never got it - Courtney who had been sitting patiently next to us the whole time finally said "Mom can I come back later when he finally gets it." I felt bad she was having to suffer through this, so I let her answer the question. This happend a couple more times - and in between sobs I continued the story. I knew that me and therapy were going to be an adjustment, but I was hoping for a smoother transition.

Pray for patience both of us and for breakthroughs for Andrew.... Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Pray I cling to this verse when I want to give up.

Growing Up

Well my little boy is growing....this process has been longer with him then most boys. Some days that is a good thing and some days a bad, but one thing I decided to do this week was make his room more usable. Typically there is nothing in his room since he used to do damage to himself or the room itself with the contents - but that is no longer the case - so I felt safe making it a place more that he can hang out and get used to doing homework etc..

So.....off to craigslist I went....in search of a loft to make his room more usable. Yikes - expensive or crappy or if a good deal usually gone within minutes of posting....four days of searching and there is was. A decent looking loft, only $75 and in Savage, and the best thing is that it wasn't sold yet.

Long story short, they dropped it off only to have two peices have fallen out of the truck on the way here - which we found the next day - one on either side of the 42 and 13 intersection :) They refunded $10 for all the scratches that little tumble gave them and threw in the special ikea mattress. Wow - now it was a really great deal and I was able to assemble it so non of the scratches could even be seen - Yay.

Today's project was to build a desk - I had an old dresser top which matched the wood color of the bed and his nightstand was the perfect hieght - so I attached the top to the nightstand on one end - built a leg on the other and whola - a perfect sized desk for him. Then the drama started when we didn't have a chair.....I should have known....so, off to the garage I went. We've had 4 rickety stools sitting in the garage that we tried to sell in a garage sale - so I chopped off the legs to the perfect Andrew hieight and fixed all the rickety issues and now he is happy.

It does need paint and new drawer colors in order to fit in - but that will have to wait until this ever-lovin, never-ending threat of snow leaves this global warming - what a joke state of ours.

Below is a pic - now on to my next project ....(rubbing my hands togther)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The first of many in 2008 I'm sure.....

This is my burned shoulder by the way....he..he


Among Andrew's many other sensory issues - Thunder is a bigggggg issue with him. No matter how much you explain that it won't hurt him, there is something about the big boom that he can both hear and feel that petrifies him.

So being the first thunder storm of the year - last night was both exhasting and entertaining. I put headphones on him with some music, which kept him occupied for awhile. But....then there was a simultaneous flash and giant thunder - which scared me by the way - and he came running in our room screaming like a little girl. He climbed into bed with me, his little heart beating wildly, with tears running down his face and telling me he was afraid.

As I held him next to me to calm him down - I reminded him again that when we are afraid we can talk to God. And so the first of many discussions Andrew had with God last night began.

"God, can you hear the thunder. He said yes. God I got scared by the thunder in my bed so I came into mommy's bed. Mommy says we should pray when we are afraid. Do you pray when you get afraid? Well you can.....its only thunder."

I wish I could remember the rest of them - but I was sooo tired. If anything came from my long night it was that Andrew might be grasping the idea that he can talk to God.....now whether or not he grasps who God is I'm not sure....but at least he is talking to him.

One more blessing out of trial that God has pointed out to me. Now.....I just need a nap.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Family Photo

This evening we embarked on something that has not been done in the Skillestad family for five years - it was probably almost five years to the month actually. It was the dreaded "Family Photo". Now - for those of you who know me....I prefer to take our photos myself. I think I do a fairly good job and sure is cheaper. But, we had a Gift Certificate to use for Flash Digital Pictures in the mall so I decided they would be the lucky ones to put the Skillestad's on film this time around.

We all looked cute and matching and though it seemed like it was moving a little too quickly for the quality factor - we had previously bribbed the children to listen to the photo lady and to smile. And they did. We were told to come back in 45 min and then we would be able to order.

Off to the dollar store for our bribary payments to the kids and to pick up a few unnecessary items and then back to Flash. Non my in-laws were with so they could pick what photos they wanted but I pretty sure I spent four times as long trying to pick out and decide on what to purchase as it took for them to actually take them all.

Finally, Eric left with the kids to go get them dinner and we decided I would ride with his parents and we'd meet up at Famous Daves for dinner......30 min......45 min.....1 hour.....who knows how long I was sitting there with that lady. First you can't use this coupon with that...and then if you spend this much you get this....then when I finally had my purchases decided and ready to go I hear this....."Oh, your gift certificate is paper....you'll have to use the entire thing now or lose it" Are you crazy....I just spent almost an hour picking out stuff so that I could have half of my GC left for next time. Well that guarantee'd in more than one way that I won't be back. I spent another 20 min arranging and figuring and deciding......meanwhile, father-in-law heads out to car and Eric sits at Famous Dave's parking lot with our two monkeys.

We got one great shot of us all together which was the main purpose I guess....and technically I didn't spent any money on them....but I was disapointed that they weren't better and that I had to use the whole amount tonight. Oh well, off to research craigslist for some backdrops so I can take them myself next time.....oh how much cheaper it shall be.....and how much less time we will waste! You can browse our experience at http://www.photoreflect.com/scripts/prsm.dll?cobrand?i=01wa - put in our last name and the password november. Enjoy.

Two Bike or Not to Bike

Well this week we decided to purchase a couple Tag-along bikes for the kids. Those are the little one wheeled bikes that attach to an adult bike like a trailer. We found two for $100, but the man said one needed some repairs so we got them both for $70. Considering they are $150 new for a cheap one we felt pretty good about our new purchase.

Well Luker (the amazing do it all boy) was able to fix the broken one in about 10 minutes and we set out this morning to put them on and see how the kids liked them. Minor detail - womens bikes apparently aren't so compatable unless you are a giant and can have the seat a foot higher. Which of course I am not.....so we load up mommy's bike, the tag-along that will be attached to mommy's bike, and Eric's seat which was also having a minor issues with the hitch. Now dragging all that into Eric's Bike Shop was fun....and after answering all our questions and fixing it as best they could, we loaded it all back up and headed to the Prior Lake/Savage school carnival for a bit - whole nother blog for later. Once we finally got home we decided to hook them both up and see how the kids liked it.

The 1/4 inch of clearance on mommy's bike is still a bit worrysome, but otherwise the kids had a great time and we are excited to go an a Skillestad family bike trip this summer! Yay for Craiglist and smart brothers and the chance to actually go riding this summer.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Still Waiting for the big one!

So I've recently started getting together with one of my friends for prayer before Bible study on Wednesday nights. I was telling her that I really struggle to trust that God will actually provide what I am asking him for because I have been praying for 5 years that Andrew would be healed and I'm still a prayin'. Over the next week I had several revelations - I often go long periods of time without remembering the things that we have come through with Andrew - the smearing poop all over the walls and carpet - the fact that he couldn't talk at 3 and screamed at us all the time - the fact he never slept - we couldn't use a drill without a total freekout - and of course the most embarassing moments of my life in several Target store isles with the "Control your child you sucky mom" looks. And then seeing the progress of other children with autism I know - who are doing some, not all, but some of the same things we are doing - and they are not progressing anywhere near the rate that Andrew has.

There have been little miracles.....speech, eye contact, "Mommy I love you" moments after an apology, sleeping, and now only three therapy sessions left before discharge. I may not ever see the "Big One" - the moment I have been asking for - the autism gone miracle......but I can now see the little ones, the ones that I cannot see or appreciate until I look back at the difficult times. Yes, I tend to not look back, it was a very painful time and a time I did not draw strength from God to get through. It is embarassing to even question God's provision in my life or in the life of my son - but sometimes our perspective is off. I'm realizing, that if I am ever questioning God's ability or willingness to be faithful, I need only to recall our past, and then procede into my future being faithful to Him. Trust and me don't always mesh, but through prayer and andrew's journey I believe that God will draw me into the intimate relationship that I so desire and in that real father/daughter relationship I will no longer struggle with trusting Him. I will climb in his lap and look into his face and know, truely know that he's got it all covered.

Thank you Stina for drawing me out - for challenging me - and for all your prayer!

Monday, April 14, 2008

"Never heard that before...."

Conversation overheard after a Mommy/Daddy Sunday afternoon nap:

Courtney: Daddy - your socks match your underpants.
Eric: Yeah - I guess they do. Wow, never heard that before.

The little statements that make having kids so amazing!

Friday, April 11, 2008


Yesterday we had a fun day with my niece, Lydia!
She' hadn't spent much time here by herself until yesterday, but Courtney and Lydia just love to be together and play sooooo well together. Aside from Lydia falling out of Court's bunk bed and a couple little tattles - they did amazingly well. We dressed them up, put on some eye shadow, curled their hair and I tried to get a few cute pics of them together. I am so far behind in my scrapbooking I should quite taking pictures - but I know we will want memories of them spending time together at this age.
I hope they continue to spend alot of time together this summer and form a bond that will last their entire life....Lydia has such a gentle spirit I'm hoping she'll rub off on Court :)

Just kidding....they are both wonderful little girls and it is fun to see them together!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Weekend that Was

Well this was an interesting weekend. I spent Friday and Saturday in Mankato at the "Southern Minnesota Home Builders Show". Aside from having our booth located in front of the concessions stand and being on a juice fast - it went just fine. Slow but sure, hopefully we can get at least one lot sold out of the weekend. Then this morning our dear little daughter was to sing at the church where she attends preschool in their morning worship service. It was so much fun to see her - I"ll try and post some video. The service itself - very lutheran - left me appreciating the "alive" aspect of our church but greatful she is able to attend a preschool that is centered around Jesus.

Then this afternoon we had an episode with Andrew - those who are reading this can add Andrew to your prayer list this week. It appeared he was having some type of hallucination which freaked me out. He was in his room for some diciplinary action and he was screaming and crying and sobbing about the ceiling falling on him and that he wasn't going to be here anymore. The implication was he felt like he was going to die. I climbed into bed with him and pulled him in my arms and started praying. After a few minutes of praying with/for him he calmed down completely and was fine. I am greatful that God released him from his issue, but at the same time am afraid that it will become something that happens again. Most things come in stages with him. Pray that I am not afraid and that whatever it was will not come back.

We ended our day with a dinner out together and a fun night of chatting at the Selness house. All has ended on a good note and I look forward to another week of suprises.