Friday, April 25, 2008

Growing Up

Well my little boy is growing....this process has been longer with him then most boys. Some days that is a good thing and some days a bad, but one thing I decided to do this week was make his room more usable. Typically there is nothing in his room since he used to do damage to himself or the room itself with the contents - but that is no longer the case - so I felt safe making it a place more that he can hang out and get used to doing homework etc.. to craigslist I search of a loft to make his room more usable. Yikes - expensive or crappy or if a good deal usually gone within minutes of posting....four days of searching and there is was. A decent looking loft, only $75 and in Savage, and the best thing is that it wasn't sold yet.

Long story short, they dropped it off only to have two peices have fallen out of the truck on the way here - which we found the next day - one on either side of the 42 and 13 intersection :) They refunded $10 for all the scratches that little tumble gave them and threw in the special ikea mattress. Wow - now it was a really great deal and I was able to assemble it so non of the scratches could even be seen - Yay.

Today's project was to build a desk - I had an old dresser top which matched the wood color of the bed and his nightstand was the perfect hieght - so I attached the top to the nightstand on one end - built a leg on the other and whola - a perfect sized desk for him. Then the drama started when we didn't have a chair.....I should have, off to the garage I went. We've had 4 rickety stools sitting in the garage that we tried to sell in a garage sale - so I chopped off the legs to the perfect Andrew hieight and fixed all the rickety issues and now he is happy.

It does need paint and new drawer colors in order to fit in - but that will have to wait until this ever-lovin, never-ending threat of snow leaves this global warming - what a joke state of ours.

Below is a pic - now on to my next project ....(rubbing my hands togther)

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