Friday, April 11, 2008


Yesterday we had a fun day with my niece, Lydia!
She' hadn't spent much time here by herself until yesterday, but Courtney and Lydia just love to be together and play sooooo well together. Aside from Lydia falling out of Court's bunk bed and a couple little tattles - they did amazingly well. We dressed them up, put on some eye shadow, curled their hair and I tried to get a few cute pics of them together. I am so far behind in my scrapbooking I should quite taking pictures - but I know we will want memories of them spending time together at this age.
I hope they continue to spend alot of time together this summer and form a bond that will last their entire life....Lydia has such a gentle spirit I'm hoping she'll rub off on Court :)

Just kidding....they are both wonderful little girls and it is fun to see them together!

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Susu said...

They are the cutest little girls ever and I can't even take credit for it cause I am just an in law and look nothing like them but I am very proud to be their aunt. I thought it was cool that Lydi came to play keep encouraging that relationship between the 2.
Hey, your blog is much more fun than mine, it's like reading your own personal diary, I think I will put some more effort to mine after seeing what a good job you've done with yours.