Monday, April 18, 2011


Fear, my head knows you don't belong here
As I wonder and watch for the unclear

Clouding my judgement and swirling up worry
My thoughts build and swell making me weary

Some days I win and you lose
Some days I give in and panic ensues
Will he or won't he, it shouldn't matter
But thoughts of repeating, another dream to shatter

That he is here at all does so amaze me
And I cherish this child and his every gaze at me
God created him in my womb and gave him breath in my room
So who am I to let this fear remain and consume

Lord take my album of memories and pain
Fill me, lead me, and may my strength in you remain
You know my weaknesses, worries and fears
But if I listen real close you are wispering "He is mine" in my ear


So I haven't posted in ages.....Amanda....I appologize for thinking you were lazy after Asher was born and you didn't post anything for like 6 months...he...he...he...

I'm not sure so much that I don't have time.  I just think my brain is so mushy and disheveled I can't get anything written down in a cohesive manner.   

Here are some recent family photos.