Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Among Andrew's many other sensory issues - Thunder is a bigggggg issue with him. No matter how much you explain that it won't hurt him, there is something about the big boom that he can both hear and feel that petrifies him.

So being the first thunder storm of the year - last night was both exhasting and entertaining. I put headphones on him with some music, which kept him occupied for awhile. But....then there was a simultaneous flash and giant thunder - which scared me by the way - and he came running in our room screaming like a little girl. He climbed into bed with me, his little heart beating wildly, with tears running down his face and telling me he was afraid.

As I held him next to me to calm him down - I reminded him again that when we are afraid we can talk to God. And so the first of many discussions Andrew had with God last night began.

"God, can you hear the thunder. He said yes. God I got scared by the thunder in my bed so I came into mommy's bed. Mommy says we should pray when we are afraid. Do you pray when you get afraid? Well you can.....its only thunder."

I wish I could remember the rest of them - but I was sooo tired. If anything came from my long night it was that Andrew might be grasping the idea that he can talk to God.....now whether or not he grasps who God is I'm not sure....but at least he is talking to him.

One more blessing out of trial that God has pointed out to me. Now.....I just need a nap.

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