Saturday, April 19, 2008

Two Bike or Not to Bike

Well this week we decided to purchase a couple Tag-along bikes for the kids. Those are the little one wheeled bikes that attach to an adult bike like a trailer. We found two for $100, but the man said one needed some repairs so we got them both for $70. Considering they are $150 new for a cheap one we felt pretty good about our new purchase.

Well Luker (the amazing do it all boy) was able to fix the broken one in about 10 minutes and we set out this morning to put them on and see how the kids liked them. Minor detail - womens bikes apparently aren't so compatable unless you are a giant and can have the seat a foot higher. Which of course I am we load up mommy's bike, the tag-along that will be attached to mommy's bike, and Eric's seat which was also having a minor issues with the hitch. Now dragging all that into Eric's Bike Shop was fun....and after answering all our questions and fixing it as best they could, we loaded it all back up and headed to the Prior Lake/Savage school carnival for a bit - whole nother blog for later. Once we finally got home we decided to hook them both up and see how the kids liked it.

The 1/4 inch of clearance on mommy's bike is still a bit worrysome, but otherwise the kids had a great time and we are excited to go an a Skillestad family bike trip this summer! Yay for Craiglist and smart brothers and the chance to actually go riding this summer.

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Lisraelson said...

Okay, I know I get credit for fixing the bike, but seriously - it was the WD40. Glad you guys had fun on the bike ride. Stop over for water anytime (oh and sorry about the mess, oh and thanks for takin' out the trash)