Thursday, February 19, 2009

While Eric is away....Amy will play!

OK - so play is not exactly the right word. But I do enjoy a little "While You Were Out" action when Eric leaves. This time - though his trip was short, I embarked upon re-doing the downstairs bathroom.

Here is before....

It did take three whole days, two pairs of wrecked sweatpants, and a patient and helpful brother to finish. Luker taught me how to tile and I did half of the tile and all the grout all by myself and re-install a toilet. Now it is only a few hours till I get to pick up my hubby and show him the new bathroom.....Andrew spoiled it a bit by telling him over the phone we were getting a new bathroom, but it will be fun either way. And I am so glad to have it finally finished.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Party of all Parties!

Happy 1st Birthday Kaden
(Yep, Mom and I made the cake)
We had a very busy day on Saturday. Up and going early to start decorating for Kaden's 1st Birthday Party. Apparently, Brazillians do birthdays BIG - very BIG! We spent all morning blowing up balloons and assembling tables, laying out sweets, and goofing around. The party started at 4:30 and all the kids had a great time! After all the guests had left, cleanup went fairly quickly and we have lots of memories of one really big birthday bash!
We love you little guy and Happy 1st Birthday!