Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Big Purchase

Well, what started as my comment about saving some money - turned into Eric purchasing a motorcycle this weekend. Though in theory it will save some money - I'm most certain this endevor will never actually pay for itself with those savings. I am fighting my humanity to not feel left out of spending such a significant amount of money.......and not because eric didn't involve me in it, he did, but because it is not a purchase that I truly wanted to make. I can think of a half dozen other projects I would love to do around the house that that money could have accomplished. Maybe it is my fear of motorcycles...maybe it is my stingyness hating to spend money...but I'm fairly certain it is just mostly my selifish feeling of inequality. I kinda feel like I'm 5 years old and wondering "Where's my present?" Oh, now this is a comment I am very familiar with and have experienced on numerous occasions in the last several weeks and my reply is always "Courtney, you need to ask Jesus to change your heart. We need to have a heart that would choose rather to give than to get something. We need to be unselfish and be thankful for what we have." Soooooooo, I'm daily asking the Lord to change my heart, to become overjoyed for Eric's "present", and to be able to share in the joy that he shares in his new purchase. I'm not there yet, but I know that this is the attitude the Lord desires for me to have towards my husband, so if I ask for it, he will give it to me.

In the meantime, Eric thank you for your patience in my inability to "get excited" about it or all its upcoming accessories. You deserve something fun that will help you escape your crazy WIFE! I love you.


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Amanda said...

I TOTALLY know how you feel, and even though you WISH you wouldn't feel the way you do, it's kind of hard not to. :) Andy simply has more hobbies than I do, and these "hobbies" require money. Between the motorcycle parts and camera equipment that he buys, I have a hard time not getting frustrated and wondering why I never spend money on myself. I DO spend money on myself, just not usually LARGE amounts of it at once. :) I always tell Andy, between all the money you spend on your toys, I deserve to take a trip around the world by myself (but that wouldn't be much fun, though, would it?)!