Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Opps she did it again...

After a long, long day of planting flowers out at the golf course, I crashed on the couch with my laptop and proceded to search for the ever lovin expensive tan tap shoes I'm looking for for Courtney. It has been a long day with the kids and I could tell Courtney is gettin a little desperate for some attention. She was pretty much refusing to go to bed and getting into trouble.

Eric went up to the kitchen for something and I hear Courtney say "They are too short, I need mommy to make them longer." My immediate thought was what is too short, she couldn't possibly cut her hair again. We had a fairly extensive conversation the last time she embarked upon her own cosmotology training. Well I was wrong. Sure enough, she chopped her bangs and then some. 1 inch bangs are no longer in style - hmmmm, what to do. After a little disciplining it was time for me to try and fix it. Now I only really know the Eric cut, the Andrew cut, the Luke cut and the Warren cut.....none of those are girls.....something new for me to learn.

So, we pretty much left the bangs and had to take off about 1 1/2 off the rest of her head. I'm not sure how it will look dry - my scissors are dull, but that's what she gets. I was awefully tempted to give her the Andrew cut just as a reminder that we don't ever ever ever ever cut our own hair. I had mercy and warned her that her next personally given haircut would end with mommy giving her a haircut like her brother. Think I'll follow through? Lets hope we don't have to find out.


Amanda said...

Oh NOOOOOOO!! I know you've been working on growing her hair out for like two years now, since her LAST personally-given haircut. :) I honestly don't know what I'd do if Ella or Britten got a hold of the scissors and did that to themselves. I could see Britten doing it, for sure, considering her recent mischief with writing on walls and destroying stuff. Long or short hair, at least Courtney is adorable!

Anonymous said...

I have to quote Amanda here "Oh Nooooo!!". that little stinker! Do you think she saw that Lydi got her hair cut and decided she needed one too? So much for kids' pictures this summer...maybe she can wear a hat! :-)