Saturday, June 7, 2008

I got a Whopper

Well today our children embarked on a new hobbie.....FISHING.
We started out a little rough, and learned that Daddy is a much better teacher than mommy in the casting dept. But it only took about 3o minutes and they were both casting like pro's. At least as far as you can cast with a 2 foot pole with a cartoon on the side.
The best news is, within a few hours they had both caught a fish all by themselves on those little tiny poles and they were soooo proud of themselves - it was awesome.

Who knows what tomorrow will hold - but for today we have two championship calabur kiddie fishers.


Conni said...

So cute! (P.S. I got your email and will call you today. I was gone last week :)

Jim B. said...

Why wasn't Court holding her fish?