Monday, May 12, 2008


As I watch the news of all the major disasters happening around the world - I am able to somewhat distance myself from the reality of the total devistation that has occured. I might stop and say a little prayer for them, but I've not spent much time on my knees asking God to bring healing, safety, supplies or to sweep their land with revival. But this morning I woke up to news that China has had a MAJOR earthquake....and my sister and her family are there. They are doing missions work with YWAM and have been working in some orphanages and doing street ministry. I don't know where they are and haven't heard from them, thus I don't know if they are OK. It is amazing the difference of your prayer life for a certain occurance when you are directly involved. I was convicted to try and pray the same next time something else happens to people I do now know - natural disasters - car accidents - etc.....

I challenge you to do the same. We know from 9/11 that when bad things happen, many people turn to God - though I am afraid since I don't know where Joy/Kory/Jada are - I will be praying for God to sweep through China and to change that nation just as fervently as I will ask for his protection over my family and that they are safe. Please join me.

**Update - heard from Kory at 8:35 - there are 2000 miles from the county where most where killed. A praise for certain - but continue to pray for the chinease who were affected.

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Amanda said...

Thank GOD Joy, Kory, Jada and Baby are safe and sound, but YES, we need to continue to pray for those suffering from the earthquake disaster.