Sunday, August 31, 2008

Embarassing Situations 2

Well - for most of you readers it will be no suprise that I am small chested. In order for me to create a little cleavage - and not be too uncomfortable while wearing a bra - I purchased something really cool. It is a bra that is actually made of silicon or something and the inside is sticky - like the lint rollers that you wash off and get sticky again. stick them on and off you go. Well, Courtney, God Bless her - brought me my new favorite bra this weekend at the cabin. I had it sittin in the bedroom on a dresser. As she hands it to me she asks "What is this mommy". I say a bra and then look closer at my new-found over-the-shoulder-pebble-holder. To my amazment I see "TEETH MARKS". Courtney, did you bite this. "Yes" "Why would you do that" I respond. "I don't know, I didn't know what it was." she said. Uggg.....well I set it aside hoping it would go away. But to my dismay, it seems it is only more aparent that someone tried to eat my bra. So....the next time you see me....there may be teeth marks showing through my shirt. Guess that should get some good laughs :)


Words/Wonder said...

too funny!!! i am laughing outloud! only your daughter, amy. she is too funny :) at least you will have lots of ammunition to use against her when she's older!

Amanda said...

Ha! That's funny! I saw your "bra" sitting on the dresser in the bedroom and wondered what in the world it was! Now i know! :)