Monday, March 24, 2008

Mr Snowman....

Well since everyone is so enthralled by Miss Amanda's blog I thought I might venture in the blogosphere and start to write my experiences and thoughts that I'm some day going to wish I could remember and even those I'm sure I'll wish I could forget! I figured I start with our first snowman with the kids. The kids wanted to go outside of course on Saturday, but mommy just wanted to take a nap! Andrew managed to talk daddy into going outside to build a snowman and mommy got up from bed to find all the necessary components. A hat Eric wore in a wedding - hehe - pictures I'd show you but I weighed about 30 more pounds and I'm not willing to show.... a carrot of course for the nose and I think eric came up with a work glove shoved in his head for a mouth! Mommy then headed to bed for what turned out to be a three hour nap and everyone else played outside in what I thought would be the last snow of the year - turns out it would snow for the next two days as well. The snowman - amazing for the first one and the kids are so proud of him. Should I have forgone the nap, bundled up and participated - absolutly - but at least they have some great memories of Frost and Daddy!

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