Friday, March 28, 2008

God made bones.

Courtney and I had a wonderful talk after some disciplinary action tonight. We discussed how she disobeys God when she disobeys mommy. Then we entered into 5 year old territory. She said "mommy, did god make bones." "umm, yes, God made our bones" I said. Then we proceded to talk about all the different bones in our bodies! Ahhhh, I love these little moments - the ones that I am still waiting to have with Andrew - but believe it will come someday :)

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Amanda said...

Oh, I love those moments, too. They're so sweet. Sorry for not calling last night! It was kind of a rough night...Andy and I didn't do much talking, BUT I did ask again about getting together tomorrow night and he seemed open to it! SO, let's plan on it. Could we come over there or would you rather come here? I'm home alone all day today with the kids, so I sure wouldn't mind getting out tomorrow evening...Just let me know!