Saturday, March 29, 2008

Last Winter Hurrah!

Well today was a nice day - the kids stayed home with Luke and Susu, and Eric and I went with some friends to use some snowtubing passes we purchased at a silent auction in October. So, of course, the last possible day we could use it - we finally went. Wild Mountain, seemed much closer when I purchased the tickets, but was a nice drive and a fun time none the less.

Above is my attempt at taping one of my "Wild" rides. Despite the slush, the warm weather and sunshine made it a pleasant outdoor adventure. Put the four of us together in a chain and it made for fast and adventurous ride.

Now I have to say that this is a great place for those of us who are a bit more lazy or.... less energetic. As you can see, no more holding onto the rope to drag you up the hill and ruin your new pair of people mover. You heard me right, Wild Mountain sports a brand new people mover up the hill. Now, the only issues is for those of you who have been drinking to much or have a poor sense of stability (Skills). Then standing while moving and holding onto a heavy tube makes for a bit of a challenge :) If anyone is looking for a fun, family friendly adventure next winter I would highly recommend Wild Mountain Snow Tubing - for those of you who prefer the kamikaze style tubing - Echo Backen still reigns supreme!

As you can see - Last vestigages of snow in the entire area - we didn't mind the moat we had to cross to enter the tubing area!

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