Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Model Child

Well I must say that spring break - assuming you are not actually gone somewhere - is rough on us parents with children in school. But, trying to make the best of it, Court and I set out to take some cute picks.
Now, it is necessary for me to take these pictures because I was in Belgium when her preschool hosted LifeTouch to do their school pictures. It was a Friday morning, she had two cavities filled that morning and then Eric proceded to have the dentist receptionist give her "Pretty Hair" for her photos. Not that they didn't try, but they turned out pretty horrible.....so, sometimes the ones mommy takes are better anyway!

I may be partial - but she is so beautiful and sometimes I need to take some photos of her to remind me what a thing to be charished she is......now I better run and get some of Andrew - been a rough day :)


Amanda said...

Beautiful pictures, Amy! Her sweet spirit really shines through in these pictures! I would've liked to see her LifeTouch pictures, though, if only to see how her Dentist attempted to give her "pretty hair." :)

Mamaskills said...

Well unfortunatly I sent them back - I wasn't going to pay $12 a sheet for them that's for certain. If I had the backdrops and props of a professional I might take up photography as a third profession....hmmm...maybe no time :)

Angela said...

cute pictures!

I am a friend of Amandas, too...

From your posts, it looks like we are practically neighbors!

I am also a fighter of autism.... (my 10 year old nephew).

Welcome to blogging!! It can be addicting!! ;)