Friday, November 5, 2010


OK - so these photos aren't the most flattering, but it was 4AM and I was a bit out of it after our ordeal.   But this is the first time I got to hold or touch for that matter Tanner.

I talked with the Neonatologist this morning and assuming his cultures are negative - which they are thus far - tomorrow morning, he should be able to go home.    I know that Andrew and Courtney are very excited to get to meet their new brother and I've heard rumors that my sister-in-law and sister have cleaned my house so that will make it even more enjoyable to head home tomorrow.

Tanner is doing great - he is nursing really well and is such a cutie.   We are praying Courtney (who has a cold) will heal quickly so she can spend some quality time with him.   I know that the next couple months will be a challenge for me, but after watching him struggle so the first 10 mintues of his life, puts in perspective the fact that he is here with us and healthy and beautiful.

We have been blessed with 3 amazing children and I am excited to see what God has in store for each one of them!


Christina said...

This is a precious post!!! I'm so glad that Tanner made it here safely and that he is healthy! Praying for you!

WoRds/WoNDer said...

Love it! Oh, Amy. He has your family in the palm of His hands. You already have 2 amazing kiddos & are such a wonderful mother. I know He has special plans for Tanner and all of you. I didn't realize until I became a mommy how much of Himself God gives us through our children. The gifts of love and sacrifice and growth...they are who He is in essence. He is so good! And I love you all. ::tears::

absofsteel26 said...