Wednesday, January 16, 2013

God's Love

Hawaii 2013.....  for those of you who know me well, you know Hawaii is my place of spiritual rejuvination.   And though this is something that I desperatly need right now - I have my three children with me this time and am living in a three bedroom condo with 11 other people.  Not exactly the restful, reflective atmosphere that I usually have when I come here.

Homeschool duties, cooking, constant cleaning up, bedtime battles.... the list of duties is endless and there is rarely a moment to myself.  I just kept asking myself "How am I going to find God in the mayhem, when I can't even get alone for 15 minutes to read my bible and I'm beyond tired by the time the kids go down?"  But last night, a friend of my sister/brother in law was speaking to a group of older people down on the YWAM campus.   I had read this man's book about his experiences being imprisioned in Iran.  I loved the book and my mom offered to take the kids so I could go.

Yay, finally an hour or so of time to get away and maybe, just maybe get a little spiritual refreshment.   My prayers regarding this trip have thus far focused on my being able to develop intimacy in my walk with God, an ability to feel his love and his presence.   So what do you think this talk was on.... his story intertwined with God's love and desire for intimacy with us.   We talked with Dan ( the speaker) before he left for the meeting and my brother-in-law Kory asked him what he was talking on.  Dan said he didn't know yet - God would take care of it.    So when that topic thoroughly weaved itself into his message- all I could think was "Thank you God, you did this just for me.  You knew my time was limited. You knew my time with you is sparse, and you gave me just what I needed."

At the end of the message he asked those who want more of Jesus, to feel real intimacy with Him, to stand so he could pray for them.   I shot up like a cannon!  I've learned that when I'm here, there is no hemming and haaaaing about throwing yourself into what God is prompting you to do. Do it, and he will answer.   It is what I want - it is my prayer for this trip and though I can't say I had any immediate feeling of  change.  I did cry out to him, surrender, and ask the barriers I have to be broken so I can walk closely with him in a new and amazing way.

I believing that starting last night, my walk with God will only grow deeper, stronger, and more intimate! 

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