Monday, October 1, 2012


So I realize it has been a really...really...really long time since I have posted anything.   The thought has crossed my mind maybe twice since then that I should post an update, but just never got around to it.

I can honestly say life is pretty chaotic right now.  Between homeschooling Court, chasing around Tanner (whose favorite phrase right now is "I tooted"), dealing with dietary issues for all three kids, keeping up with housework, working through life changes and heartaches of friends, and feeling all around exhausted almost every minute of every day - I'm not left with much to say by the end of the day.   But I shall try to think of something profound to share with those of you who actually continue to check

The last 12 months have been really hard in some ways, and so full of blessings in others.   Eric has become such a strong spiritual leader in our home this year and I am so proud of him for the man of God he is becoming.  I know that our family will be impacted in soooo many ways, by his obedience and heart for the Lord.   He went to Israel in April with my dad, brother and Kory (bro-in-law) and loved it.   Recently we decided that he would be going to Swaziland, Africa in December on a missions trip with our church.   One of the reasons we chose River Valley (and there are many), was that they offered at least one mission trip (most overseas) each month.  With so many opportunties, you don't really have an excuse not to find one that draws you in.    We threw around me taking a trip in 2013 and I was interested in China or Spain.  No real good reason, but sounded interesting.   However, I recieved a text this afternoon from a close friend who saw God orchestrating her to go on the trip to Cuba in March and she asked if I wanted to come along.   I got goosebumps - not sure if it was because I was so excited to see what God is doing in her life or if it was because I am indeed supposed to go.  But Eric and I discussed it - or rather Eric said - let's sign you up 3 seconds after her text - and we decided that I would go.  This has been a crazy week.

I spent the weekend at our church's Women's Coference called "Sparkle" and I could have stayed there for a month if they ran it that long.   I have been so dry and wiped out, that being there, worshiping with 1000 other women felt like standing in a rolling river and I just wanted to keep drinking it in.   If anyone wants to hear 3 amazing, amazing messages you should check them out at - media page.  There will be a banner for Sparkle - Charllotte Gambil.    I was with two other women - both at really hard stages of life - completely different from my own, but equally touched and renewed by the experience.   Anyway, part of what I came away with is that I have to step out of my comfort zone and go do.   It helps my hubby is almost pushing me out the door - but I'm actually not afraid - I'm excited and I know these trips will only lead us closer to God, and spurn us to do more, love more, take care of others more, and do so many of the things that we aren't doing enough of.

Go do my friends....go do! 

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