Sunday, May 9, 2010

Too Loud!

So... we are on the way home from Cannon Falls after a nice Mother's Day at the in-laws.   The kids have their DVD players with headphones for trips over 1 hour.   We are used to Andrew suddenly yelling or making a crazy noise during one of his favorite movies but today he put on his headphones (which were not plugged in) and since he could'nt hear it he kept turning up louder and louder and louder and louder.   He was sitting directly behind me and it took all I had not to turn around and scream....What are you doing!   I calmly turned around and asked him nicely - please plug in your headphones and turn that down.   He says "Oh OK."   Like it never occured to him that he should plug them in and use them instead of using them as noise deffening articles making the rest of us suffer through blaring Tom and Jerry cartoons.

Some situations sure make it obvious that he still struggles with his Autism....but those situations sure are getting fewer and fewer and we feel so blessed by the amazing progress he has made in the last 7 years.  


Katy said...

hehe... sorry Am, this makes me giggle. ;o)

Damaris said...

Oh Amy just reading about you makes me want to SEE you - in just a few weeks, I get to do that - hooray for me!! Can't wait to see Andrew and Courtney again too.