Monday, December 19, 2011

ITs Christmas Time

So as our family tries to get more missions focused, I am frequently reminded that we are terrible neighbors.   We don't know hardly any of them, don't really talk to any of them, and those who we do know we aren't on very good terms with due to their children being bullies.....   all that to say I have been prompted to be more Christlike to our neighbors this Christmas.

So feeling the need to invest in them, I decided to give Christmas baskets this year.   On a limited budget with 7 neighbors surrounding us I did what every thrifty woman does......heads to her mother in laws basement for great things to decorate said baskets with.   Then I proceeded to scour Pinterest for inexpensive gift ideas I could make.   So thought I had come across the perfect cute gift to make - I soon found out I am not as talented as said blogger and my jars of cookie mix looked retarded.  So, I changed gears and made them my own way and they turned out far better.   So this is my version of the cowboy cookie jar gift.

I cannot take claim to the recipe inside the jar so here is the site I used for the ingredients inside the jar.

As far as the outside - here's the lowdown.

Items you will need:
12 1/2 inch stripes of ribbon
6 1/2 x 7 1/2 inch squares of fabric cut in half for bandanas  (roughly)
Labels that say Cowboy Cookies and Labels with instructions for baking ( I will post so you can print)

1:  Fill the jar using the above recipe.
2:  Hot glue on 12 1/2 inches of red ribbon about an inch from the bottom of the jar.
3:  Glue or Double side tape the label on.
4:  Glue or Double side tape the instructions on the top.
5:  Roll the bandana material at the top 1/2 inch, two times, put the bandana on so that it is to the left side of the front and then glue on both ends in the back. 

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WoRds/WoNDer said...

love this, ame. love you for lovin' on your neighbors. :)