Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Picture of Jesus

So I'm part of a Bible Study that is going thru the book "Strong Women, Soft Heart". I joined mostly because I had two people who I was making friends with and I wanted to spend more quality time with them. Little did I know how pertinent to my life this perticular book would be. I'm sure God new...he..he...

This morning our chapter was on Trust - something I don't particularly put in many and struggle with all the time. Our leader brought a giant framed picture of Jesus with a lap full of children. At first glance its just like any other picture you've seen of Jesus and a bunch of kids....but she asked us to study it and talk about it.

The center of the picture is Jesus with an amuzed, excited look on his face. A beautiful dark haired girl standing behind him with her arms drapped over his shoulders. Two boys sitting on his lap - one giggling and one contemplating something making him smile while one of his Saviours arms is wrapped around him. Another energetic little boy holding the other hand is being pulled up from the ground. And that last one is a little boy looking at and playing with Jesus' leg. I'm sure each of us women came up with something a little different that we took from the picture, something that will shape how we view ourselves and our children and the relationship that we have with Christ.

I was so comforted by the little boy looking playing with his leg. It made me picture Andrew and more what his relationship with Christ looks like. Not the cliimb in your lap or play with you kind of relationship; but the just want to hang around and be with you kind. The enjoy your company and explore my world around you kind. It was a visual I needed and now I have to figure out which one of those little children is me.....

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